Ego: From little wave to ocean

The ego is defined by its attachments, with which it identifies at any giving period. The more attachments an ego has and the more stuff it needs around it (money, decorative objects, life goals, skillsets, ideas, people), the more work the ego has to put in to maintain itself and its identity. Most egos areContinue reading “Ego: From little wave to ocean”

Twin Flames: The myth, the illusion, and the resolution

Through this article, I hope to give you deep information on the nature of ego, cult, and twin flames. I would like to spark a fire in your consciousness about the nature of the twin flame myth and how it is goading you into your own path for awareness and deeper consciousness. In the world,Continue reading “Twin Flames: The myth, the illusion, and the resolution”

On ego: the trickster and the conundrum

This article is about the tricky nature of the ego and how it manifests its trickery in all aspects of life, particularly the spiritual new age aspects such as twin souls, twin flames, manifestation techniques, and others. Always remember that the mind doesn’t distinguish between knowledge and experience. This is because the mind cannot experienceContinue reading “On ego: the trickster and the conundrum”

The challenge and danger of shadow work

It took me a long time to understand the nature of shadow work, and this was mostly because it is a phrase that is used in a variety of different, and often very vague ways. In many instances, shadow work is defined as the work we do to recognize our shadow side, our darker aspects,Continue reading “The challenge and danger of shadow work”