AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

Nothing is what it seems to be. The internet seemed to be a medium for communication and publishing, to share and collaborate; to meet people across the world, and to create whatever our imaginations desire. The internet of the early 90s was devoid of corporations, ads, or manipulative algorithms. It wasn’t dead or boring. ItContinue reading “AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All”

The Final Act: Egoic Number Games

 There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics Unknown In this article, I am going to touch on the topic of creativity and value; or the value of the creative Soul in society, and the way it is monetized and valued. I am going to remind the reader that this article isContinue reading “The Final Act: Egoic Number Games”

Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness

Before I start this article, I want to make something clear. Twin flames is a topic that is highly popular these days. I get tons of people coming to this site because of the twin flame content. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it shows me that more and more peopleContinue reading “Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness”

Twin flames: The mythology

In one of my more recent posts, I point out that the Twin Flame mythology serves a similar purpose to the Jesus mythology.  I want to elaborate a bit more on this topic, to make it clear as to why these mythologies are present within our experience. The reason is that many have sold theContinue reading “Twin flames: The mythology”

Meditation: An Odyssey of Self

The path back to Self, or the path back to home, is littered with many roadblocks, dead ends, speed bumps, and even the seemingly unsurpassable slopes of a great mountain. You may also find, like Odysseus in his odyssey, beings in the form of a Cyclops or the voices of the Sirens, all created toContinue reading “Meditation: An Odyssey of Self”

Meditation: The Sleepwalkers and the Circus

Before you read or listen to anything, it is important to first turn off everything else. The mind is filled with chatter that is both conscious and latent. The emotions are moved by the workings of the mind. And so, if you listen to or read something, you will only hear what is already playingContinue reading “Meditation: The Sleepwalkers and the Circus”

Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees

The ego is as the rings of the tree. Days pass; months go by; years and decades and centuries. All the growth, the great walls, flourish around it, in accordance with the nature of the times, the conditions, the waters and the sun. The ego immerses itself in it, as a reflection, into its being,Continue reading “Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees”

Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

As someone who uses common words to express what is usually referred to as spirituality, I am always aware of the limits of every word, every concept I express, and every image I attempt to present to you, the reader. Words are symbols like musical notation is a symbol of the particular frequency of aContinue reading “Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening”

Why the ego must die and other stories

It may seem rather radical to say that we need to let the ego dissolve, or perish, or die. It can be an uncomfortable concept, or a concept that the ego will try to prove that is not even possible. If psychologists claims that the ego is a critical component of the soul, then ofContinue reading “Why the ego must die and other stories”

Twin Flames: The myth, the illusion, and the resolution

Through this article, I hope to give you deep information on the nature of ego, cult, and twin flames. I would like to spark a fire in your consciousness about the nature of the twin flame myth and how it is goading you into your own path for awareness and deeper consciousness. In the world,Continue reading “Twin Flames: The myth, the illusion, and the resolution”