Material consciousness and the impossibility of love

Love and light are often expressed as goals in the spiritual community. As a whole, being peaceful and kind and full of love is a generally defined virtue in modern society, expressed either by word or by action. These attempts, to express such virtues through our physical bodies, via money, time and effort, are justifiedContinue reading “Material consciousness and the impossibility of love”

Love as it pours down waterfalls

It’s a tiny place”,the little girl says,“It’s so small,that’s whatever it is,it’s only a circle,and I for onecan barely see it,much less talk about it. It certainly isn’t as big as the starsor as big as the movies,or as the music of the radios,those songs that ripplelike tax men collecting their due,over waters they believeContinue reading “Love as it pours down waterfalls”

Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love

“A pen went scribbling along. When it tried to write love, it broke.” – Rumi We are nearing what is known as the lion’s gate, the portal that opens on 8.8 of every year. 8 is the number of infinity, the multiplication of the 2, the first number after the ONE, the polarity that manifestsContinue reading “Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love”

From The Chaos To Which We Return

Who we are is an energy of presence. That doesn’t seem to say much, does it? The Greek poet Hesiod began his Theogony with Chaos, commonly translated as “void”. It is also the Nothingness of the Zen Buddhism – the emptiness and the experience of solitude that the emptiness seems to deliver. First Xaos (Chaos)Continue reading “From The Chaos To Which We Return”

The Mask that is the Political Position

The news and the media is a mask worn by many faces, many in your communities; many in your family; your circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers. The issues provoked by the media so easily consume us because we believe they are real. They are also the easiest problems to have because not only areContinue reading “The Mask that is the Political Position”

How long can you stand in love?

I haven’t been posting a month or so because I have completed what has essentially been a year-long cross-country move. The move was a calling that uprooted me from old attachments in order to assist in planting me in a place that is more suitable to my grounding, and my growth. We are all, inContinue reading “How long can you stand in love?”

Journey to the Bottom of the Matrix

I. The matrix works within each human being The matrix is not a system that lives “out there”. It lives and thrives within each and every one of us – until we choose to exit. But when you attempt to exit, you won’t be unchallenged. What challenges are given to you, depends on your particularContinue reading “Journey to the Bottom of the Matrix”

Sexual Energy, Civilization, and Creativity

The following is an attempt to express messages around the energies surrounding us at this time. These energies are connected to our higher consciousness, just like the physical world is connected to our five senses. The five senses on the physical body are designed to perceive the three-dimensional world around the body. But our physicalContinue reading “Sexual Energy, Civilization, and Creativity”