Free from Together Love

there is a surface edge of this rich earth
that’s been torn away far from all the rest
where arrogating intellects have taken root
blossoms quick to take shape as they are told
the vain ones worship these their mindful molds
through which they judge all the others same
boys closing the door to their own simple hearts
and the pretty girls strive be as wicked smart
yet they still read apart “on Mars” and “on Venus”
a doctrine feeding this sick and poisoned reason
for a separation explanation seems an easy peace
to free them from this bifurcated ugly place
but what it only frees is from their together Love

Tabernacle of Your Stars

how can I write of the planes that I’ve seen since I met you?
these uncanny places where we can only enter by ourselves alone
neither behind nor in front of you but where dreams’ endings form;
love is in the air of light that we, aware, are breathing there
where we bathe in clear blue waters as our bodies here surrender

fiery gentle dragons soar through rolling waves of starry skies
fearless strange beings enter and exit the wisdom of their eyes;
if you release your fretful mind you’ll see their shadows on the wall
dragon’s blood bleeding through blinding veils of mortals’ woes
for their hearts are open flooding love into the dark that is below

yet agony still remains within the lower fields where mortals weep
I wish I could bring them to where we lovers immortal kisses reap
but then I’d rob them of their own discovery of their sacred light;
O to take a conscious step into dimensions only meant for you to see
to return again to sing of all, a holy tabernacle of your stars to be