Black holes and the Spirit over the Void

The pull to go within is become stronger every day. I am sure many of you are feeling that pull. Even people who are still very much immersed in the daydream that they call “their life”, are feeling the pull to ask more questions, to become more curious, to question their assumptions, to take theContinue reading “Black holes and the Spirit over the Void”

Home is where the Hearth is

There are certain days or weeks in which I do not write. Usually the reason is because some area of the egoic structure has been dissolved and the hordes begin to pour in. When that happens, I get to experience what ego was once protecting (or hiding) me from: all the good; all the bad,Continue reading “Home is where the Hearth is”

Why the ego must die and other stories

It may seem rather radical to say that we need to let the ego dissolve, or perish, or die. It can be an uncomfortable concept, or a concept that the ego will try to prove that is not even possible. If psychologists claims that the ego is a critical component of the soul, then ofContinue reading “Why the ego must die and other stories”


Originally posted on Soul in the machine:
wisdom is silentnot to be spoken to or by anyone else,it comes to you,and works through you,you won’t find profit in it,no one will be impressedor love you more for it,nor will you make more money,nor appear more beautiful,nor more wise. save your words for wisdom,they are hers…

Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love

“A pen went scribbling along. When it tried to write love, it broke.” – Rumi We are nearing what is known as the lion’s gate, the portal that opens on 8.8 of every year. 8 is the number of infinity, the multiplication of the 2, the first number after the ONE, the polarity that manifestsContinue reading “Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love”

The Ecstasy of Wholeness

Hearing, tasting, seeing, touching, and smelling: every art and every skill requires all of the senses, all of our faculties of perception. Each one is a contribution to what we call our experience as we devise, create, build, and play. Mind, however, is the realm of tracking, memory, recollection, and projection. Mind is a toolContinue reading “The Ecstasy of Wholeness”

Awakening: The Descent of Soul into Body

Many modern spiritual teachings speak about ascension.  What they are doing is creating an orientation, a spatial representation of the relation of ego to Soul. From the ego’s point of view, awakening means that it becomes higher, and so better in some way, more aware, closer to God, or what have you.  Yet, because theContinue reading “Awakening: The Descent of Soul into Body”

The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth

One of the most important and fundamental principles of this reality is the illumination and expression of the one/many duality. It’s a challenge to speak about this one/many duality directly, because it is, through the mental plane of our existence, expressed either in a pure abstraction by way of number, or, more frequently, inside visualContinue reading “The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth”

Telepathy: not as far as you think

True human communication is, by nature, telepathic. It isn’t the words, the symbols, or the gestures that are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to connecting with others.  Words and symbols, spoken or written or gestured, are simply a means of expression that often – but of course not always — serve more toContinue reading “Telepathy: not as far as you think”

Mirrors of Light (One)

Spirit works through us,as the sun stretches far into deep caverns,even as it dances upon the surface of things,it still falls down to inconceivable foundationswhere dark creatures are free in their mysteries. Every living creature breathing,has the sun shining through it,for light we are,and to light we will return,flowing like the waters;but unlike the waters,weContinue reading “Mirrors of Light (One)”