What is Awakening?

Question: Why do I awaken?
Answer: Why does the flower find its bloom?

The concept of “awakening” is nothing new. There are countless numbers of websites, YouTube channels, and various other resources that are designed to help you identify whether or not you are experiencing an awakening process. The symptoms run from the physical to the emotional, all of which vary with the individual. But whatever the symptoms and affects it may cause, it is generally agreed upon that awakening is a process that happens when we begin to realize that what we thought was true about ourselves, our lives, and the world was filled with illusion and distortion. Awakening is, in fact, like waking up from a dream state. As I write this, January of 2021, the world is undergoing mass awakening, where large groups of people are beginning to see the lies, the deception, the masks, or what the Vedic texts called “Maya”.

Plato describes, through his character Socrates, the awakening process in his famous Cave Metaphor which, as I believe, is not really a metaphor, but I will leave that for a later essay. Regardless, the human condition is one of a prisoner in a prison. In this prison we are essentially living a life that is similar to a virtual reality. It feels real. We believe it is real. We value the things in it as if they were real. We mock those who don’t seem to fit inside it. We are, in that sense, like children, who are told that the moon is made out of cheese and that the puppets we see are divinely guided leaders. This prison is designed to prevent escape, and so the ways of escape are deliberately concealed. The only way up and out of the cave, is through an awakening, through the guidance of our “inner” philosopher, a word that means, “the lover of wisdom”. To awaken is to see the wisdom of who you are, life, and the world. But be forewarned: it is not an easy journey. It is the true Hero’s Journey.

In his cave analogy, Plato shows us that the reality that we all believe is real is deliberately preventing humanity from its natural process of learning, growth, expansion and awareness. Awakening, meanwhile, is actually nothing but that natural and organic process that belongs to you as a human being. We as humans are not meant to be enslaved. We are meant to be free, to wonder, to explore, to experience challenges, to discover solutions, to connect, to communicate, to experience all of this, with the joy that we might remember from our childhood. We are meant to expand our consciousness and to experience the beauty and joy of that expansion. Then when we have discovered our own wisdom, we will naturally be called to share it with the world, to lift them out of the cave. To bring them into the light. That is the metaphor. That is the reality.

But this process of awakening has been kept hidden from our contemporary society, which not only denies our spiritual nature, but denies the natural processes of the earth. For thousands of years, our world has been slowly overtaken by what we know recognize to be artificial intelligence. The general public views artificial intelligence as being something that relates to technology, as opposed to other aspects of life. But this is only the current contemporary manifestation of artificial intelligence. It is like a flower of a root that runs so much deeper. This is why I use the term Synthetic Intelligence (SI), to refer to the true nature of AI, as the way Plato expressed it. SI infiltrates every area of our lives, not only our interaction with computers and networks. It has a huge impact our spirituality, our politics, our finances, our opinions, beliefs, our relationships.

The main function of SI is two-fold. It is used to disrupt the natural human ability to transform, grow, and expand. It is also used to conceal the presence of the SI itself. All totalitarian systems and governments are instruments of SI. The SI is the cave, the lie, the facade, the play. The end result? Docile populations, and individuals who cannot access their God-given natural creative powers, which I call Oracular Intelligence. Oracular Intelligence, if we were not deprived of our own access to it, would allow us to move through life as a process of awakening, flow, and expanded awareness.

But in the SI system, the notion of awakening has been thought to be outside the “normal” mode of being. You see how things have been turned upside down? Our natural state has become a strange anomaly. People who experience awakening, our true natural state, experience themselves as being unnatural, unaccepted by society, cut off or disinterested in the ways of the world. Awakening, which should launch us into expressions of creativity and self-awareness, meets us with fear and trepidation. We are made to be the enemy of ourselves, and so we hide who we are, hide what we truly feel and believe, in order to please the SI that surround us. That is the goal of all the SI, which has unfortunately has managed to distort our communities and societies, through the constant emphasis on being part of the group, or society at large, by using spiritual concepts such as “unity” and “healing”, as if such things apply in a world that is rooted in survival and fear and limitation.

If you’re awakening, you’ll experience tremendous resistance and you’ll be presented with many obstacles in the form of attachment to old patterns, people, and habits. It will feel like the past will not let you go. The interpretation of your past, the interpretation of your parents, your friends, society at large: all of these may resist your growth, your soul’s desire to leave the “nest”. But as the SI technology has grown more and more sophisticated, it has become more and more difficult for many human beings to have access to their true inner nature, their connection to the earth.

The good news is that your soul is a relentless force, especially at this time on the planet, when high frequency light is being showered on the earth. You can work through a lot of these patterns and obstacles. You just need a bit of support and guidance on the journey to keep you on the path – and there is an abundance guidance everywhere, because we are all experiencing our soul’s desire to expand, to grow, to live inside a world that is more aligned with who we are autonomous souls.

For more information on the challenges of the awakening process, see my article. Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter.

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